Who We Are

Our Philosophy 

Manhattan Sports Medicine is firmly rooted in collaborative care. We feel this is the future of healthcare, and for that reason we take great pride in offering a world class team of physicians to suit your every need. Our facilities are pleased to offer services in the range of chiropractic care, physical therapy, orthopedics, sports medicine/interventional pain management, acupuncture, Podiatry, functional breast reduction, medical massage and hyperbaric oxygen therapy. This collaborative effort, starting from the ground up, has yielded thousands of success stories spanning nearly two decades. Whether you are a top performing athlete or an individual seeking a more active, pain-free life lifestyle, Manhattan Sports Medicine And Wellness Group is your premier one stop shop for cutting edge healthcare. 

Our History

Since our inception in 2001, we have made it our focus to continuously strive for improvement in evidence-based practice and bettering the patient experience. From simple mobility issues to chronic and complex conditions, Manhattan Sports Medicine is centered on your needs. Through the years, continued expansion of our wellness team has allowed us to tackle hundreds of conditions because of each physicians unique treatment approach. 

Our Promise 

A strong multi physician/ patient partnership is the most effective treatment possible in an effort to maximize a speedy recovery. Based on attentive consultation and thoughtful diagnosis, your course of treatment addresses your unique symptoms and their sometimes multiple, underlying causes. Equally important is the belief that early diagnosis and instant treatment are crucial to preventing further injury, reducing chronic pain, and avoiding depression and drug dependency.  The ultimate goal is to put you back in control through education on your ailment, and more importantly how to keep it from happening again. We understand patients have many options, and we relish the opportunity to carve out your path to optimal health and wellness. Let us help you unlock your greatest potential. 

7TH Ave Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation

512 7th Avenue, 14th floor,
New York, NY 10018
Phone: 212 768 7979

West-side Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation,PC

244 West 54th street, 3rd floor
New York, NY 10019
Phone: 212 262 7246

Downtown Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation

30 Broad Street, 20th floor
New York, NY 10004
Phone: 212 792 9292